In Joomla! 1.5.8, a default filtering choice is in place for those who have not selected an Article Filter option. The default applied for those who have not made a selection implements “black list” filtering as a security precaution against possible XSS.

Due to this change, you might notice problems trying to save a Youtube video, or embedding other Javascript or Flash objects into your Articles.

If the default filtering option is not suitable for your needs, you can change it by using the Article Global Configuration options. For example, to change the default settings so that no filtering happens for members of the Super Administrator group:

1. Navigate to Content -> Article Manager.

2. Press the Parameters icon in the toolbar to show the Articles – Global Configuration screen.

3. Scroll down to Filtering Options, highlight all Filter groups except Super Administrator, Administrator and Manager, and select Filter type of Blacklist (Default), as shown in the screenshot below.

With this setting, Joomla! will use the default Blacklist filter for all users except for the Super Administrator, Administrator and Manager groups. If you want to let other groups of Users submit content with no filtering, just modify the instructions above to exclude these groups. If you want no filtering on any groups, follow the instructions above but select only the Registered group.